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What can I do if I've been in a motor vehicle accident?
Call your insurance provider to report the accident. You will be assigned a claim number and an adjuster to handle your accident claim.
What do I do if I've been injured in a motor vehicle accident and need treatment?
Call the Accident Rehabilitation Centre and we will schedule you for an assessment of your injuries.
Do I need a referral?
No, you do not need a referral to receive treatment at ARC. Should you have a referral to our clinic, we will ensure appropriate communication with the referring physician.
Can I still receive treatment from ARC if I've already started treatment at another clinic?
Yes, you can. There is no law that states you have to receive treatment at one particular facility. At ARC, we can continue your treatment or complement the therapies not provided by other facilities. We will guide you in the direction we feel necessary to ensure you are provided with the highest quality of care.
Can I receive treatment at ARC for non-motor vehicle accident related injuries?
Yes, however treatment is based on clinic acceptance and case per case patient load.
Can I still receive treatment at ARC even though my insurance company cut me off of Section B benefits?
Yes, you can still receive treatment. Section B is finalized when two years from the date of your accident has passed, or you have been sent for an IME and the referring doctor denies continued treatment. This concludes coverage from your own insurer, NOT the party at fault (POF). If continued treatment is medically necessary, all amounts owing for treatment are recovered from the POF through an Assignment of Proceeds.
What is an Assignment of Proceeds?
An Assignment of Proceeds is an agreement between the Accident Rehabilitation Centre, you as the patient, and your lawyer for costs incurred for the treatments that are not covered by your insurer. These funds are then factored into your claim, in which your lawyer will then take to the party at fault's insurance company for reimbursement at the time of settlement.
Can I receive treatment on an Assignment of Proceeds and not have a lawyer?
No. The Accident Rehabilitation Centre does not directly handle third party claims with the party at fault.